What We Offer

PRO Accessibility has over 10 years of experience in construction design and creating spaces for wheelchair access and integrated living.

Our mission is to build SAFE, ACCESSIBLE environments, INCLUSIVE for all.

Lifting Devices

We offer the most trusted names in North America for lifting devices including platform and stair lifts, elevators and ceiling lifts. Bruno Vertical Platform Lift http://www.bruno.com/residential-vertical-platform-lift/ Bruno Straight or Curved Stair Lift http://www.bruno.com/store/stairlifts-made-in-usa/ Niagara Belco Residential & Commercial Elevators http://niagarabelco.com

Accessible Home & Alternative Living Reports

PRO Accessibility offers detailed reporting for accessible home and alternative living situations. If you, or your client, have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and have sustained an injury (mobility or cognitive), a PRO Accessibility report will “paint a picture” of what types of modifications are needed to your existing home and provide a detailed quote.

Accessible Bathooms & Kitchens

Allow the PRO Accessibility team to design and build a fully accessible bathroom or kitchen that works for you and your needs. BATHROOMS Designing a layout to maximize space and eliminiate barriers is essential to your daily living. Using the appropriate materials is also key in preventing slips, falls or injuries. Ask about our custom “seamless” Europen accessible shower system that is modern and stylish…not your typical “Hospital” design. KITCHENS When it comes to creating a cooking and dining experience that is safe and barrier-free, the options are endless! We can add simple options to your existing kitchen or redesign your kitchen layout and cabinets for maximum convenience, usage and safety.


There are several options available when it comes to handrails. Choices include wood, stainless steel or chrome for interior spaces and treated wood or aluminium for exterior. PRO Accessibility always recommends round handrails with a diameter of 1 1/4 inch to a maximum of 2 inches.

Ramps and Pathways

Integrating a stepless entrance into your home can make all the difference. Concrete, wood, aluminium… the options are endless. Choose from a pre-built aluminium ramp or have one of our skilled professionals build a custom ramp or pathway that fits your layout and suits your personal taste. ALUMINUM OPTIONS: https://www.ezaccess.com/products/pathway-modular-access-system

Automatic Door Operators

Installing an automatic door operator definitely makes life easier. We offer a great choice for various types of applications. Hunter Automatics www.hunterautomatics.ca